Take this quiz to view your level of Happiness

Take this quiz to view your level of Healthfulness (is there actually such a word?). . . 

When you understand what Happiness and being Healthy mean to you, you can set some goals.

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Thoughts  - Ideas - Solutions . . . 

Thoughts -  

My name is Wendy MacDonald, and I am lucky to live in Hawaii, USA. I am a Certified Consulting HypnoTherapist. I am a mother, a grandmother and the ‘One-who-serves’ an 8 year old Maltese.

As a HypnoTherapist with a busy practice, I believe that to achieve total wellness, we must ‘feed’ our mind and our body with the correct balance that we personally need at that given time. No one else knows exactly what is best for us, and frequently we don’t pay enough attention to ourselves to understand our needs at the moment. Many well meaning  people will offer much sensible advice, but only we, ourselves, can know and give ourselves, our minds and our bodies, exactly what we are lacking. The difficulty is identifying what we need emotionally, nutritionally, intellectually and physically and then knowing how to act on filling the voids.  In my work, I offer suggestions and possible solutions to identify and to assist in regaining the balance that is is always our continuing goal. When our mind and our body are each in balance individually and together it is an amazingly wonderful way to live.

Ideas -

Just a few ideas to make you  think of what is the right balance for you - now. . . .

To feed our mind we need: 

   A certain amount of socialization, this amount varies from person to person and from day to day.

   A certain amount of quiet time. A time to meditate, to think, to pray, to do whatever ‘quiet’ inward focusing         activity brings you calmness.

   A certain amount of learning and expanding our knowledge. This can be achieved in many ways - through books, through movies through travel and so much more

To feed our bodies we need:

   The correct balance of healthy proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

   The correct balance of physical activity for our heart, limbs and muscle strength

To feed our mind and our bodies we need:

   The correct amount of deep, restful sleep

    and lots of Laughter

Solutions . . . .