1.    Do you have a local support system? People who will always be there if you need them?

2.    Do you have a social circle of friends? People who share the same interests, and whose company you enjoy.

3.    Do you like to learn? Take classes? Travel in unusual and different places? Listen to experts in their field?

Read autobiographies?

4.    Do you feel sad? Sorry for yourself? Do you believe others are luckier than you?

5.    Do too many people expect too much from you? Are you surrounded by angry or demanding people?

6.    Have you committed to too many things? Are you in overwhelm with too much to do and not enough time to do it all?

7.    Do you take time for yourself? Do you have time to enjoy the beauty around you?

8.    Do you volunteer? Do you enjoy helping others?

9.    Do you believe that you know the ‘right way’ and any other way is incorrect?

10.    Do you have a sufficient financial structure? (Understanding that very few people ever have ‘enough!’)

a.    No idea                                                                          0 points

b.    Kinda                                                                            0.5 points

c.    Oh yes!                                                                           3 points

a.    I am involved with lots of groups                               2 points

b.    I get together with friends regularly                          3 points

c.    I don’t like other people                                               0 points

a.    I love to learn new things                                            3 points

b.    I occasionally watch the TV 

    history channel                                                              1.5 points

c.    No, I am retired and don’t need to 

    learn anything new. What's the point at my age?        0 points                                           

a.    Yes, I have been very unlucky 

    with my choices                                                                0 points

b.    I made the correct choices, but 

    other challenges I wasn’t prepared 

    for came along. Not my fault                                         -2 points

c.    Life is not always the way I would 

    want it - I have to make lemonade  

    with the lemons                                                                 3 points


a.    I am a caregiver, I like to do 

    everything for others                                                          2 points

b.    Some people think that if they                            

    shout I will do what they want, faster                              0 points

c.    I will not surrender myself to demanding,

     negative people                                                                   3 points

a.    I am so good at getting things done, everyone        

    expects me to handle it all                                                  0 points

b.    It pleases others when I offer to do the things       

     they don’t want to do                                                          3 points

c.    I have no time to relax, there is so much to get         

     done every day                                                                   -2 points

a.    Beauty around me - I live in a dump!                            -3 points

b.    What would I do with ‘time for myself?’                       0 points

c.    I do find a quiet time every day, just for me                  3 points

a.    I volunteer my time regularly                                           3 points

b.    I would if I had more time and energy                            0 points

c.    Charity begins at home, only me and mine are         

      important                                                                              0 points

a.    I have seen many things, I know what is right,         

      those who don’t agree are wrong.                                      -1 point

b.    I am confident in what I believe, I find it           

       interesting in knowing what and why others

       believe the way they do                                                       3 points

c.    I listen and follow others, they know more then I do     0 points

a.    I can hardly pay the rent - I worry about the future        0 points

b.    My money doesn’t go as far as it used to                            1 point

c.    I have a solid financial base                                                  3 points











Our feelings and 'Happiness' scale fluctuate all the time - so come back and re-take this Quiz regularly. The more you learn how to identify what makes you happy, and what does not, the more you will be able to UP your score!

How Happy are You Quiz?


-8 - 0  I am so sorry that you are not experiencing any happiness. Please look at the solutions suggested throughout this website, perhaps if you want them to, some of them may help you. I hope so.

0 - 10  Do you remember that 'Feeling Happy' feeling? Would you like to experience that again? Are you willing to take some action to make these changes?  It is up to you. There are some suggestions throughout this website, for things to do. Will you do any of them?

10 - 23  What surprised you when you took this Quiz? What did you learn about yourself? If you would like to increase your Happiness level, look at what areas you scored the lowest in, and decide how you can change that part of your life.

23 - 30 You certainly seem to have your act together. Knowing that your score will vary and that you can always do more - Congratulations you Happy Person!

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