1.    Yes - and more!                                                          3 points

        Usually                                                                            1 point

        I wish I did!                                                                    0 points


2.      I am always tired                                                         -2 points

         I go to bed, but am unable to sleep                            0 points

         I always wake up feeling refreshed                             3 points

3.       If it comes from a Fast Food place it is the

        right kind of food for me                                              -2 points

          I don’t have time to pay attention to that                   0 points

          I try to - but it is not always practical                        1 point

4.       Considering my life - I am just lucky

        to wake up every morning                                             0 points

           I feel GREAT!                                                                3 points

           Sometimes                                                                     2 points

5.       I get tired walking around the block                          1 point

          I stretch every morning                                                2 points

          I exercise regularly                                                        3 points                     

6.       I have a family, a job and responsibilities -

       yes - I am stressed!                                                           -1 point

           I am stressed about finances - that

       effects everything                                                              0 point

           I know how to handle things when

        I get overwhelmed                                                           3 points

7.         I feel so good about the person I am now               3 points

            I remember being happy with myself -

        I lost that somewhere                                                     0 points

            In some ways I am -

         I need to change other things                                        1 point

8.          I do usually                                                                  2 points

             No - I don’t like the taste of water                            0 points

             Yes                                                                                 3 points

9.           The right relationship, enough money  

           and to lose 20lbs would help. Oh-

           you said realistically!                                                    0 points

              Yes, I just need to start caring for myself               2 points

              I do - but - It is all out of my control                      0 points

10.          YES! - If I knew what to do I would do it             3 points

               That takes energy I don’t have right now              0 points

               What’s the point at my age?                                   -3 points

Good health is not defined as the absence of disease. It is a state of well being that requires active participation on your part. 

Only YOU know  how you feel’ - Only YOU know when you achieve that ‘state of wellbeing.’

Here are some thoughts/ideas that may help you . . .

How 'Healthy' are You?      Quiz


27-24    Well done. You really care for yourself and pay attention to what you need - Keep it up!

24-18    Good job. You are really trying to have that sense of healthy well being. Hopefully you picked up some pointers here.

18-10    To feel even more 'healthy' please take the time to look after yourself in several ways.

-4-10     Your life would be so much easier and more enjoyable if you would start caring for yourself   


1.    Do you have enough energy to do the tasks set before you?

2.     Do you get enough rest? 

3.    Do you eat the right kinds of foods? 

4.    Do you feel well? 

5.    Do you feel fit?

6.    Are you under stress? 

7.    Are you happy with who you are? 

8.    Do you have a glass of water within reach - right now?

9.    Do you know, realistically, what you need to do to enjoy            your life?

10.         This is the BIG question:

    Are you willing to take the action required to be ‘healthy’ as   it makes sense to you?