What does being happy mean to you?

As a HypnoTherapist I understand that words have different meanings to each of us. 

We are all in different places in our lives, when I thought I was Happy last year,  that is not at all what I consider ‘Happy for me’ this year.

To be Happy is for me, summed up very well by Dr Halbert Dunn, who in the late 1950s laid out his concept of ‘Wellness/Happiness.'

Dunn said that the “total” person with a complete “zest for living”  is actually comprised of the following five interrelated dimensions:

    1    Social:  Support systems, developing satisfying relationships

    2    Physical:  Physical / Physiological well-being, exercise, well-balanced diet

    3    Intellectual:  Open to learning, continuously expanding knowledge & skills

    4    Emotional:  Coping skills, being able to recognize and accept your feelings,          dealing with stress (some put mental as a separate category from emotional)

    5    Spiritual:  Living in harmony, appreciating the meaning of life, strong set of personal values, beliefs

In today’s busy world I believe we need to add in a few other “dimensions” including environmental, occupational and financial. So, please think about where you are right now in each of these dimensions, and then decide where you want to be, and how you are going to achieve those goals click here. This all ties in with being Happy - content with your life.

When a client comes to me in confusion, unsure in which direction to move forward or even not knowing how to move forward, I frequently use a modified version of Dunn's Wellness dimensions for a Hypnosis Parts Therapy session.

How is your zest for living?

Do you have that inner contentment? As we continue to build out this website we will offer more and more solutions for you. One solution available to you right now is an 11 minute hypnosis relaxation session.